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released December 1, 2005




Phil Nice Denmark

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Track Name: Let's Assemble the Team
They got nervous in Washington
Disaster struck in Rome
The stock’s gone up in Tokyo
And that’s all I know
We’ve got a situation
The kind we’ve waited for
Let’s break out the hardware
And get to it
We’ve got people in the capsule
They’re ready to dock
The aliens are coming
Prepare for a culture shock
Welcome to our system
We extend the hand of peace
And if one of these fuckers moves an inch
It’s curtains
Lets assemble the team
Failure’s not an option
Mirrors hide the eyes
Lets assemble the team
Danger’s no excuse
Mirrors hide the lies
And when you’ve given all you’ve got
Your ass is mine
So get your ass to attention
‘Cause it’s mine, mine, mine
They’ve hacked into systems
Infiltrated clubs
So in the interests of freedom
We’re locking you up
Say goodbye to apple pie
Kiss goodbye to sex
It’s really nothing personal
We just don’t like you
Track Name: Death in Exile
Death in Exile
Here he comes
With his sunken eyes
Peering from the darkness
And silent as the grave
He who knows what’s out there
The wisest one among us
But wisdom’s not included in our plans
We’re not letting death
Gatecrash the party
We’d rather make believe we’ll live forever
We’ll wheel him in and prop him up
And act like we don’t see him
Then send him into exile once again
You must be proud
Love and happiness are all around
I’ll drink to that
I’ll drink to that
Death in exile)
Here he comes
With his bony fingers
Lost in a tuxedo
And grey as the dust
A veteran of parties
With an eye for the truth
We’ll keep him gagged
Until the guests have gone
We’re not letting death
Gatecrash the party
We’d rather make believe we’ll live forever
We’ll wheel you in and prop you up
And act like we don’t see you
Then send you into exile once again
Here he comes
With his broken disposition
Spoiling every snapshot
And killing conversation
He’s so pumped full of morphine
He don’t know where he is
We can safely ignore him till he’s gone
Track Name: Get Out of Dodge
Get out of Dodge
There’s murder in the tumbleweeds
Time to get out of Dodge
There’s something I don’t like
In the bartender’s eyes
An uninvited guest
Better watch his step
When the earth is so hard and unforgiving
The pumps will still pump
When you’re far away
Time to get out of Dodge
But the well’s run dry
There’s no use pretending
The black sheep in the flock
Will be the first to get the chop
Time to get out of Dodge
And down on Main Street
They’re revving engines
Psyching up to who knows what
You wait for the screech of rubber
From some book of revelation
That’s written in the blood
Of a mechanised crusade
And there’s anger in the windows
Time to get out of Dodge
The wind will find your hiding place
And whisper mistrust
Out in the borderlands
A new life awaits you
Time to get out of Dodge
Track Name: Hannover
In a dark cellar in Hannover
Sits a man with a piano accordion
Weaving the strings of your life
Into a personal memento
You may not like the colour
You may hate the style
But for 5 minutes you’re a superstar
From an ant’s eye view
In no man’s land
In the middle of the night
On the eve of destruction
You’re looking for yourself
In the haze
On a busy street in Hannover
Amid the Saturday rush
Sits an old man with a cup
Far away, eyes shut
You’ve seen him every day
Same time, same place
But today, something is different
Today he’s hardly breathing
In the morning sun
After the explosion
You think you know yourself
And it scares you
In a grey drizzle in Hannover
Amid the sound of accordions
I look for the indefinable
In mirrors of eternity
I long for the cellar of yesterday
I long to be lost in the dark
Knowing too much about everything
Makes an enemy of the city
In the middle of the night
At the moment of impact
You feel yourself die in a dream
And it’s over
Track Name: Clean up Your Act
Clean up your act
Clean up your act
Get a handle on chaos
Before it makes a monkey of you
And messes up your life
Hoover up the shadows
Illuminate the dust
Pack your life into boxes
Before Vesuvius erupts
All the things that fester
And all that goes bump in the night
They’re conspiring against your happiness
Now that just can’t be right
Pull down the curtains
Beat all the rugs
Exorcise the demons
And clean up your act
What you call creativity
Is a tumour in your gut
What you think of as healthy
Is a way to self-destruct
You’re panning it all to the surface
I hope you find gold
I sure as hell hope you enjoy it
It leaves me cold
Your blessed relief
Is my chemical spill
You feel better inside
While we contend with the overkill
Your idea of honesty
Is nothing left unsaid
Your idea of openness
Is a hole in the head
Track Name: Hotel Samba
Hotel Samba
In the hotels of the world
We are citizens of earth
Drinking Irish coffee
Speaking business English
You can lose yourself
In superficial bliss
Sucking at the tit of capitalism
There’s Elton John
And filet mignon
Screams from the kitchen
Glide over into song
It’s the kind of porridge
That goes down without a fight
Where the napkins are whiter than white
Tomorrow is another day
Go back to the market
That won’t obey
The rules you tried to set for it
The rat that took the poison
Down in the basement
Was you in another life
Tomorrow is another day
Slide down the drainpipe
To the Batmobile
With blood on the fender
It’s a dirty job
But someone’s gotta do it
And it’s you
In the hotels of the world
We’re laying the foundations
For liberty, equality, solidarity
While outside in the snow
They’re beating back protesters
Welcome to the hotels of the world
Track Name: The Baron and The Baroness
The Baron & The Baroness
The Baron & the Baroness
Don’t care who you are
Their world’s a different world
Of glitter & fancy cars
If they need your services
They’ll call
So please don’t ring this number again
We keep it open for emergencies
Because the Baron & the Baroness
Left specific instructions
There will be no admittance
No matter what the reason
Plague & death & destruction
Will never open that door
Until the dog needs to empty its bladder
These are very important people
And the man may call you
In the middle of the night
Just to talk to your answer machine
And tell it your services won’t be required
We regret the inconvenience
May your downfall be painless
As the bank repossesses your life
Welcome to the scrap heap
The rain eats through the tarmac
And the wind blows from the west
But all’s well in the world
For the Baron & the Baroness
Because the Baron & the Baroness
May later require your head
One day you’re a superstar
The next you’re hung drawn & quartered
While he’s out fucking the unions
She’s giving birth to the babies
There may be trouble on the horizon
But nothing a bribe won’t fix
Track Name: Mr. G
Mister G
If machines take over the world
Will it be any time soon?
Should I fear my PC
When it won’t do what I want it to?
If machines become so clever
That they’re smarter than us
Will it mean the end
Of all the values we’ve built up?
Won’t they just
Wage war & burn with hate?
Or just sit back in apathy
While nature pays the ultimate price
And love is long forgotten?
Won’t they
Turn art into economy
And feelings into stocks and shares
If machines take over the world
Won’t you just miss us, Mr. G?
If machines take over the world
I bet you’ll really miss us
If machines take over the world
I’m heading for the woods
Where there’s no mains outlets
And no one takes a credit card
If there’s no one to drink with
I’ll drink to myself
Be my own worst enemy
And wait till all the fuss dies down
Track Name: Fired
Knowing your place
In the scheme of things
Could be a matter of pride
If you valued that kind of thing
Instead of looking for ways
To pump yourself up
There’s no shame in modesty
And willingness to serve
Where’s the skill in making trouble?
Or breaking taboos?
You’re the most successful screw up
On the ladder of success
You’re gonna get yourself fired
And where will you be then?
Consider your credit rating
Your whole future hangs in the balance
All you have to do is kiss the dirt
And lick the boots that rule your miserable existence
And make what little you’ve got
Seem like a lot
It has come to our attention
That there’s a discrepancy
Between the prevailing corporate policy
And that destructive shit you do
Shape up, toe the line
Be the thing we thought we hired
You've got your own opinions
But that's not part of the deal
The most successful screw up
On the ladder of success
Track Name: At The End of A Long Dirt Road
At the end of a long dirt road
At the end of a long dirt road
In a closed down mine
Lies the hand of friendship
Dead and gone
It belonged to a man
Now it belongs to the past
As we salve our wounds with salt
And quench our thirst with poison
At the end of a long dirt road
At the end of a long dirt road
Where the train don`t stop any more
You`re persona non grata
In a wasteland
It`s the place to come to
When you wish to disappear
And if your wish comes true
No one weeps for you
Because you`re not only wrong
You`re wrong at the top of your voice
I like big fat men like you
When they fall they make more noise
You`re full of empty promises
And full of empty threats
Your dirty little secret`s under siege
At the end of a long dirt road
You`re aching in your bones
Your stomach`s lost its appetite
Your money`s lost its shine
Everyone thinks about getting out
But no one`s got the guts
To leave this deep dark hole
At the end of a long dirt road
Track Name: The Best Years of Our Half-lives
The Best Years of our Half Lives
Eat, drink and be merry
For tomorrow we die
It’s a euthanasia pact
With the authorities
Real men don’t protect themselves
And real men don’t cry
They just slowly decay
People are expendable
When they choose to be
Or maybe it’s the lifestyle that seduces
But it’s hell in that sarcophagus
It’s murder on that beach
But the money’s good
So form an orderly queue
These are the best years of our half lives
Sold for a shilling
Taken from the willing
There’s enough naiveté
To keep the world afloat
Let’s drink to that
Let’s work to keep the fat cats fat
Eat, drink and be smelly
For tomorrow we die
It’s a date with danger every working day
Real men don’t protect themselves
And big boys don’t cry
As long as it’s raining silver
People are expendable…..etc.
Eat drink and be jelly
For tomorrow we die
Spilling blood to build a better future
Real men don’t protect themselves
And real men don’t ask why
Wind them up and send them on their way
Track Name: The Rock 'n' Roll Zoo
The Rock ’n’ Roll Zoo
Don’t know whose idea it was
To start a band
Someone had a vision
Hearing Sergeant Pepper and smoking reefer
And it all came together in a glorious whole
A gig or two and a fast talking manager
And we were kings of the neighbourhood
For a week or two
Till the shine wore off
And we carved up a cake of fictitious earnings
In the rock ‘n’ roll zoo
You can be a big shot too
Play hide and seek with the
Snow tiger and the silver fox
Catch bear diseases from Goldilocks
It’s all about percentages
And that special thing you do
Meet the freaky baboons
In the rock ‘n’ roll zoo
And we had people
To take care of things
Candy and Brandy
And Cindy and James
They were a team
You didn’t need
Until you had them around
Like a human shield
From the real world
You could kid yourself you were celebrity
From the attention you received
Till the bubble burst
And you were paying back
The borrowed glory
In the rock ‘n’ roll zoo
You can be a big shot too
Talk about hook lines
And sinking sales
Reminisce about the good old days
It’s all about your image
And that special thing you do
Be freaky baboon
In the rock ‘n’ roll zoo